Dance styles we offer at DADA


Ballet- the basic movement for all dance forms.Offered in many levels and age groups.

Pointe- this is advanced ballet movement done while wearing pointe shoes. Instructor must approve this class.

Tap- An american dance form done with metal taps attached to your shoes. This class teaches intricate  rhythms.

Jazz- Modern movements to current music with an emphasis on techniques with leaps and turns included.

Lyrical- Blend of ballet and jazz where the emphasis  of the dance is  on storytelling.

Contemporary- Modern based movement in which dancers need a strong ballet foundation.

Hiphop- Urban movement based on rhythms.


Acro- Acrobatic movements taught to enhance your dancing. Strength and stretch are included.


Pre-ballet- is for our youngest dancers. We do basic ballet movement but the focus is creative movement.


Ballet/tap- This class is the next class after pre-ballet as we continue to develop our ballet while adding the coordination in our tap class.

Tap/Jazz- this class is for the dancer who is ready to move onto ballet by itself and then add jazz into the dance repertoire.








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